So What Exactly can We Do For You?

Our main focus is to get your accounts running as smoothly as a sports car - lowering Ad Spend, and increasing conversions. We do this thru full and detailed optimization on a weekly and monthly basis, with a constant focus on more for less...
Basically getting you - more for less(In fact MUCH more, for MUCH less).
Google AdWords Search/Display campaigns & Facebook Ads are our main focus, as this can be all the traffic you will ever need - especially when you throw in Retargeting
Try our AdWords Audit to get started, and we can show you where you or your marketing department are going wrong (or right), and exactly how you can fix it. Or we can fix it for you, but no pressure.

$249 audit graphic$249 – One time detailed review

We’ll pull your whole account apart and see whats making it tick and tock, and whats costing you unneccessary cash.
This takes a few hours to complete but you’ll have a comprehensive plan and outline of what needs fixing and whats doing great!

graph$499 – Starter

This is for those dabbling with traffic and spend less than $10 a day – the cautious types. Nothing wrong with caution. A great way to test us out, and to test paid traffic – this is for either Adwords OR Facebook Ads.

graph$697 – Small

For those that want a little extra zing in their advertising – ideally for those with multiple campaigns, or wanting to start multiple campaigns, and covers AdWords Search & Display, OR Facebook Ads and retargeting.

graph$997 – Medium

This package is great for those using AdWords AND Facebook Ads, plus some Media Buys if the need takes you.

graph$1497 – Grande

For the serious players – multiple AdWords and Facebook campaigns, retargeting, and RTB retargeting.

graph$1997 – Beast

Anything you like, but need to be spending $4000 and beyond on AdWords & FB.

all ad spend is paid for by the client


Our Team

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    Sean Redman


    About Sean Redman

    Sean is the owner of More Exposure, and has been involved in online marketing for six years now. In a previous life he was the Managing Director of a busy firm in Central London. But decided marketing was for him Рso he moved to Spain and eventually set up More Exposure.
    He is a AdWords Certified Partner, and is quite obsessive about AdWords and Facebook Ads.

  • Testimonial

    Claire Yeates


    About Claire Yeates

    Claire has been involved with Seans business since its inception and is a key member of the team. Claire runs the office, manages content, is responsible for keyword and interests research, market development for the company, as well as a raft of other duties to numerous to mention here. She has lived in the Canaray Islands for 15 years (guess).

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    Kelly Green

    Team member

    About Kelly Green

    Kelly has worked with the company for 3 years and is responsible for everything else. She has lived in Fuerteventura for 9 years with Sean and their dog, Columbo.

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