business growth with google adwords, facebook ads & mobile media buys


Here's a snapshot of exactly what we do

Google AdWords

As Certified Google Partners we specialize in Everything AdWords – Search, Display, Mobile click to call, Shopping, Dynamic Search and more.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is an ever evolving beast, and we are at the forefront as we are currently spending in excess of $2000 a day in Ad spend.

Media Buying

We buy media from a multitude of sources including Native Ad networks, RTB and standard Display Networks

Mobile Campaigns

We run campaigns and buy traffic on multiple mobile campaigns, we optimize as we go for the best bang for your marketing dollars

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More Exposure's promise

we get results...again and again and again
We Will grow you leads, sales and profits. It's simply what we do!

Many of our clients have been with us for 5 years or more, as they have no reason to leave. They keep paying as they keep on growing and growing. We want more people like that; those that know they need to spend money on advertising for it to work. $10 a day won't solve much, and it won't help much either. $50 is a great place to start as we can get valuable data, and get some sales and leads as we go. We promise to get you the results as long as you have ad spend and a little time. It works!

  • Google AdWords

    Seeing 60% lowering of costs

  • Bing Ads

    Lowering of click cost

  • Facebook Ads

    Business Growth

  • Retargeting With FB & AdWords

    Saw a 50% rise in conversion rate


Some of our happy customers and long standing clients

Get My 15 AdWords Audit Hacks For Just $17 & Lower Your Conversion Costs Immediately

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